Body welding assembly

Body welding assembly

Part type:AB pillar- welding assembly

Material: steel

Product number: MEGA-04

Surface treatment: natural-oxidation, steel/electroplate

Precision: datum: +/- 0.05mm, positioning +/- 0.05mm, hole position + -0.05mm, profile +/- 0.1mm

The role of the checking fixture
① The on-line inspection of parts is realized through the checking fixture; the surface and the cut edge are inspected by visual inspection, or dial indicator, or a caliper, and the holes of different properties on the parts and the connection position between the parts are inspected by means of inspection pins or visual inspection Visual inspection is performed to ensure rapid judgment of the quality status of parts during trial production and start-up production.
② For some important functional dimensions(PQC points) on parts, CMM inspection can also be performed using the check fixture. Usually, the parts cannot obtain the body coordinate system directly, but the parts are placed on the checking fixture and measured by a CMM machine. The structure of some checking fixture can be used as a measurement support when designing. Sheet metal part checking fixture plays a decisive role in the quality control of the part.

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